Thursday, September 30, 2010

i did it! hooway!

Of course, what is so exciting is that she took out a puzzle piece and put it back into the puzzle.

Today was preschool orientation for Toots's class.  When the first week of April rolls around next spring, there will be cupcakes galore.  Every child is aging into the class next week at age 2.5. 

Toots met two boys and their baby siblings, and one young girl.  There was folder with another girl's name on it, but that family was a no show for orientation.  It'll be a small class for a while, until some more kids age into it.

Toots was very excited, the rain came down on us for the drive there and back - and in the parking lot from the van to the door and back - in sheets.  I felt like I was standing at the base of Niagara, as I tried to coax her to buckle in or out. 

She has to do it herself.

But she was not going to miss this for anything.  She cracked up all the adults, as she was the most engaging kid there. She's a born leader, apparently.  She was very polite to the other kids, and took everyone's picture with the toy cameras - "Say cheeeeese!  [click] Thank you."  Gee, I wonder why?

She and her new friends all played very nicely near each other, and sometimes even together as they all explored their classroom.

A little while after we came home, she was awfully quiet, so I went looking for her to give her some lunch, and found her passed out across the arm of the sofa. This never happens anymore.

It was a very exciting morning.

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