Thursday, September 2, 2010

batten down the hatches

I live in Hurricane Alley. Hurricane Earl is headed our way.  Or not.

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We live above the purple extreme zone at the Outer Banks, near the red and yellow zones border.  That puts us smack between medium to high threat zone as of this morning's assessment.

So we may have a thunderstorm here overnight, or a visit from Earl. 

I'm not too worried.  No sense in freaking out the kids.  Our neighborhood has a good generator, so I'm not too concerned about losing power, unlike some folks I know.  Some area hospitals have evacuated their most critical patients, just in case.  I live in a high and dry zone, so I'm not too concerned about flooding, unlike some folks I know.  That was one of the main selling points on this house when we bought it.

I am a bit concerned about the drought summer and the big tree next to my bedroom window uprooting or breaking then falling on the house.  I am a bit concerned about our 12ft trampoline making liftoff. 

I am a bit wary, especially when I think about how they discussed the approach of Hurricane Katrina to New Orleans, rather insisting that there didn't seem to be threat until it was too late.

So I have my eyes opened, but I'm not too worried.  I will keep my eyes on the dog, though.  She's an excellent nervous barometer.  

I especially am keeping an eye on that 'threat level may change depending on track and intensity' band on the map.

But, Earl, if you do visit, you are welcome to take my ten year old van. The insurance would really help toward a new one.

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