Wednesday, September 29, 2010

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This morning I had an IEP - for those unfamiliar with SPED speak, that's an Individual Education Plan - meeting (which I had called) re: Captain Comic at his middle school to make certain we were all on the same page re: his special education support.  It seemed to go well to cement some things and work on others for his most appropriate success in school and out.  He's working really hard at school without the supports he is accustomed to having from elementary, so has been having a rough time once he is home.  In their eyes, he's doing great at school, but what I see at home is a completely different expression of how well he is doing.

Toots is nearly potty trained to the full extent for her preschool start next week! 

This afternoon I start a new student in tutoring.  I am very excited, if a bit rusty.  I had a good conference call with her parents the other day and it sounds like this will be an interesting challenge.  They all are, but she reminds me vaguely of only one student I've worked with in the past.  I will have to feel out her areas of need to find tools that will work for her - though I do have some ideas going in. 

I have started working out regularly at a gym to take care of myself better than I have been able to in recent years.  I am sore but excited. I found a personal trainer who is also a physical therapist, so she sees my areas of concern appropriately.  She gave me homework for my ankle, too!  I have to write the alphabet with my toes, pick up and place marbles with my toes, and soak the dang thing in a warm salt bath. 

This is a fairly dry, business of life post, rather than my usual sparkling wit, but this is my life today, with the rain, and all. 

I feel the burn - on my way back to superwoman.

The only thing I seem to not be tending to so far this week is my manuscript.  But it is always on my mind, hovering somewhere behind my ears.


  1. "The only thing I seem to not be tending to so far this week is my manuscript."

    Isn't that always how it is? When I have other things under control, something always slips through. It's like trying to carry a pile of laundry that's too big; grab all the socks and the shirt gets left behind.

  2. we can't all be full of sparkling wit everyday, can we? :-)


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