Tuesday, September 28, 2010

rainy day

Okay, first I was going to post about the shower that was taken by Captain Comic at 5:30am, because last night when he reappeared for the 18th time, well past his bedtime, and he still had not showered, I told him to take it when he wakes at 6am; and the importance of keeping regular routines, especially for kids who have Asperger's Syndrome....and the fact that after that 5:30am shower, because he was too anxious about it to wait until his usual wakeup time of 6am, so when I came downstairs at 7am, Mr.Cynic was already gone, and all the lights and TV were off so I said to myself:

What is wrong with this picture?  Then groggily walked back up the stairs to find Captain Comic asleep in bed.  He is supposed to be outside waiting for his bus by 7:15, with breakfast eaten, and lunch made.   He made it out there, without socks, but with rain coat, and  dare I ask if he even considered brushing his teeth?  By the time I brought a pair of socks for him, he was gone.

But I couldn't make much sense of it beyond the above horrendous sentence structure, etc.  So I said, ah, forget it, and hit delete.

Then I remembered that Toots made a funny segue from a knock-knock joke to an entirely different joke during dinner last night and after a brief and unusually silent pause at our usually rambunctious dinner table, we all cracked up.  Then she told it again.

So I started to type out:

Dinner convo with Toots last night:

Toots: Knock-Knock!
Mom: Who's there?

And I couldn't for the life of me remember the rest of what she said.  I called Honey at work, and he said, I don't know....ask her.

I tried, and she fell back on her old reliable Knock-knock which is not what she said last night.

Mom: Who's there?
Toots: [Toots] the Windowwasher!

Don't ask me how she came up with that one.  I think Honey helped her come up with it a while back.  Clearly he is not the writer in the family.  Stick to design, Hon. That's where you excel. Love ya.

So, between the achy muscles from yesterday's yoga class, the 5:30am shower alarm and the rain we haven't had all summer and are getting now, I can't rub two halves of a thought together, so this is what you get.

Hope it made any kind of sense at all.

Some days are just like this.  Now you may have a partial picture of what it's like in my head.  Trains of thought are often derailed.  I'd like to go back to bed now.

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