Tuesday, September 7, 2010

first day of middle school

Mr. Cynic went off to his sophomore year without a hitch.  Of course.

Captain Comic was ready - had made himself a good lunch- and waiting for a bus to come at 7:00am.

The middle school starts at 8:00am. The shot below was taken around 7:35am, after the regular middle school bus had come and gone; after I finally got someone from the transporation department on the phone who was still telling me to wait for someone else's call because Captain Comic was not in the system for a special education bus pick-up.

Even Babette was like, Are they coming or what?

I dropped him off at school after talking with the assistant principal in charge of Capt. Comic's program, who was going to meet me at a specific place in the parking lot...and was not there.  I had to chase him down with Capt. Comic in order to get him off to school with as little interference as possible. 

If you want to set off a person with Asperger's Syndrome in a bad way, throw him into a new situation with expectations, don't meet them, and see what happens. 

This start to his school year does not bode well for all the progress Captain Comic has made to date. 

I have my writing group today.  Thankfully we are meeting in my neck of the woods rather than up in Williamsburg.  But, he is going to be getting out of school about when I am getting out of my meeting. 

I still don't know if a proper bus for him will be bringing him home. 


  1. Oh no, Cath. I hope all these wrinkles get smoothed out and that he ends up having a good day. I'll be thinking of you!

  2. thanks, kate. I just got home, and still no word. dismissal is in less than 15mins.


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