Tuesday, September 7, 2010

to ease a case of apoplexy

I'm tweaking. 

I still haven't heard from the bus office for the school district. but I posted this on facebook after picking him up from school today:

 so there i am in the office waiting for [Captain Comic] to meet me for pick-up since there was still no word from the transportation office, or anyone else, and that's what i arranged with the a.p. and - well after the dismissal bell rang - i hear come over the secretary's handheld, 'we have a special arrangement for [Captain Comic] to ride the special education bus today.' oh no they di-in't!!!!!

So I need to breathe.  A lot. Big breaths.  Deep ones.  Ones that prevent aneurysms.

Yesterday, thankfully, we had an absolutely perfect day and a new adventure at a new beach down along Virginia Beach way called Sandbridge Beach.  It's very Cape Coddy.  Very Outer Banksy.  It has dunes.  It felt homey.  We loved it. 

First, on the way down, which was longer than expected, we enjoyed a lovely view.  Here, I shall share:

Breathe, Cath, Breathe...

See how contented we are?  Ah, another, gentler day...Breathe, Cath, breathe...
I get a kick out of this photo, because Toots is standing nearly identical to me, yet mirror image, hands behind her back.

Toots just hangin' loose.  Chillax.  Breathe...

Now here's where things get taken to a whole new level in the relaxation department.  Captain Comic in the shallows letting the surf roll him.

He came up for air...  Breathe, Cath, breathe...

Then back into the surf for the waves to roll him.

Mr. Cynic enjoyed the ocean breeze, even though he really didn't want to spend the Last Day of Summer with his family instead of his friends.  Breathe...

Honey and girl walking to and along the dunes.  Breathe...

Ehem,  just take a moment to look at those shoulders. Hubba-hubby, eh?

It really was a perfect day.  Ok, I can breathe now.  And while putting together this post, I finally spoke with the transportation office and the bus driver and have a bus number and time it will arrive for tomorrow morning.  


Now to deal with his mis-scheduled English class and the fact that the old school assigned him the wrong summer reading report and project.

And now for something completely different:  me updates:
My writing group met today.  I made progress on my edits, finally, even while scooting out early to deal with bus mess.  I also have a quilt to finish before Toots outgrows it. 

How was eveyone else's start to school or the week, or your weekend?

And seagull


  1. Wow, you really did have so many beautiful things to focus on while breathing.

    My oldest daughter started second grade a couple of weeks ago, but my youngest had her first day of four-year-old preschool yesterday. I was so focused on my little one starting back up in preschool that I forgot to tell my oldest that she was supposed to stay after school for her first art class, so I fretted about that all day long and didn't relax until I saw her outside of the school when I picked her up (after art class). She was relaxed and never mentioned that I forgot to remind her about art class. Fortunately, the teacher was one step ahead of me and had a list of students who should be sent to art class after school.

  2. thanks, lisa

    what a relief for you! it's nice when things can work out without a parental need to interfere. that's as it should be.

  3. I want to be close to a beach. Looks BEAUTIFUL!

  4. i feel lucky, liz, even with it an hour plus away. it couldn't have been more perfect weatherwise, not too hot. this one is past the big hotel touristy beaches we usually hit with $20 parking. and the parking was free!


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