Monday, September 20, 2010

to sleep, perchance to dream

Honey put Toots to bed last night and found he had to fold the quilt in half to fit in her crib.

This morning, I heard her stirring and went over to her crib to take her out. 

Me:  Did you have a good night's sleep with your new quilt?
Toots sleepily with fingers firmly in her mouth: Mm-hm. But I had dweams.
Me:  What happened in your dreams?
Toots: It had cheese in it.
Me: Was it good cheese?
Toots perking up, but fingers still in mouth:  Mm-hm!

This was her first unprompted telling of her dreams.  I believe the quilt had something to do with it.


  1. it probably did! doesn't everybody dream better under a blanket made with love? i sure do! very sweet story.

  2. Tink still has the crib-sized quilt I made and gave to her when she was 3. But it's getting small, she tells me. "Soon you will have to make me a new one..."

    My word verification is Yakyakully, which I think is my name is some other language.

  3. that's great, time to make a new one!

    i'm already plotting my next - a sofa cozy for me.

    i think that must be the spirit guide of writers gone quilt crazy. it kind of seems like your first name and my last name!

  4. LOL I love a good dream about cheese, too. :-)

  5. hm, jen, thank you, that's very sweet!


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