Saturday, September 25, 2010

convos with the kids

Having a talkative two year old who was a former silent baby makes it nearly impossible to catch all the brilliance that comes out of her mouth.  But I'll try.

Yesterday, we were playing ball in the backyard, when she walked into a spider web.  She stopped in her tracks, backed up, walked toward me with a discerning look on her little mug, and declared, "I ayyergic to dat pider web."

Moments before, she stopped suddenly with a surprised intake of of breath, and looked at her arm. 

Mom: Do you have a little bug on your arm?
Toots:  Yes, it's otay.  I yuv dat yiddo bug. giggles sweetly
Mom: Does the little bug tickle?
Toots: Yes, da yiddo bug is tickwing my arm!
Mom: Is the little bug an ant?
Toots:  Yes. Yes it is an ant.  (pauses, smiles adoringly at the ant) I yuv dat yiddo ant!

In Mommy and Daddy's bed for morning cuddles today:

Toots: Mommy?
Mom: [Toots?]
Toots: Mommy?
Mom: [Toots?]
Toots: Mommy?
Mom: [Toots?]
Toots: Mommy?
Mom: [Toots?]
Toots: Mommy?
Mom: [Toots?]  I'm wondering about now where she is going with this.
Toot: I yuv you, too!
Mom: I love you, too, too!
Hugs and giggles and more I love you, too, too, toos.

Captain Comic:
Has been having a tough week at school and trying very hard to hold it in there.  Then he comes home and lets it loose. Poor guy.  Tuesday afternoon, over something very small, he growl-screamed through gritted teeth at me:

Captain Comic:  Can't you just leave me alone for one single minute - PLEASE!  I have had a Very Stressful day at school today!

I am actually quite proud that he was able to express so clearly the real source of his emotional outburst.

Mr. Cynic:

 ~Dear readers, remove young ones from the viewing area, please. ~

After the Homecoming game last night, I picked up Mr. Cynic and friend at the field.  They hopped into the van in the crowded parking lot, as a sea of orange and black clad people flowed around the vehicle. He loudly declared:

The Tigers BROKE the TROJANS, 24-0. 

The conversations around here vary wildly according to developmental milestones. I am never bored.

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