Friday, October 1, 2010


I have 2 new ones:

1. My new gym's yoga classes. 

2. This fabric site for quilting:

Help me, please.  Is there a Quilters Anonymous?  or Yoga Anonymous? 

I may need them.



  1. Inspired by you, I spent TWO HOURS at JoAnn Fabrics yesterday buying material for this. But mine has much brighter colors.

    It is going to be beautiful, but when my agent is wondering where my book is, I am sending her to you :)

  2. oh i love it, jacqui! i couldn't possibly conceive of starting that project. i just make up as i go when it comes to quilting. please post pictures!

    well, if you send me your agent, i may have have something to hand her....if only i could finish my!


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