Saturday, September 11, 2010

happy shack

Kelly Warren at The Happy Shack and I have become friends over the past couple of years because of an introduction over at  Studio Mothers.  We shared our woes and triumphs in the great balancing act that is maintaining creativity while devoting our lives to our families' wellbeing, however that manifests.

We arrived at the conclusion that we are twins who were separated at birth.  We're both somewhat goofy, not afraid of embarrassing ourselves, rather clutzy, dimpled Capricorns with a mix of reticent perfectionism and go for it spunk.  She is the much taller and more energetic twin.  I'm the more reticent one.  Reading about her work in Student Life at a college, her go get 'em enthusiasm for her jewery making and selling, mothering her twin redheads and growing menagerie, and blogging, I boggle continually at what she accomplishes every day. And she organizes creative retreats! All this while battling periods of severe vertigo.  She's a fine art photographer and master collager, too!  Oh, and she just happens to live in a colorful house that sits at water's edge where she can sit back in her dock chairs and watch the sun set over the water.

I've been admiring her jewelry for ages.  Then she blogged about making this necklace:

I had to have it.  It spoke to my ocean, beach loving soul.

So I bought it and asked if she could conjure up a pair of matching earrings, and she did!!!
They arrived on Thursday with a polishing cloth to boot, all wrapped up in purple tissue paper with a little bow. It was truly a gift.

Thanks, I love them, Kelly!

Having the above necklace in hand, really made me admire the craftsmanship of her work. It looks quite delicate, but it is rather sturdy. I don't need to worry about Toots pulling on it or one of my own brilliant maneuvers that have destroyed countless other pieces.

Please, go check out her Etsy shop!  Don't forget to peek at Kelly's fun colorful photos, too.  I love her rusty old car series.  And this one:

Isn't it dreamy?  Don't you want a nice matted copy of it on your wall so that you may dream escapes to other worlds around that bend? 


  1. i wish i had half of kelly's creative energy! her positive, happy outlook always gives me a boost when i stop by her blog, and she's one of the most supportive and encouraging people i've met in the e-world!

  2. exactly, aimee! you're quite the ball of admirable creative energy yourself!

  3. aw, thanks cath! what a sweet post! needed it today, as i'm down with a busted back. did something while bending over to pick up something off my studio floor yesterday afternoon. owie. after a very restless night, i finally let benny talk me into taking one of his pain pills so i'm sure i'll be off to la la land soon. :-)

  4. oh no! i know all about that back tweak. i hope you wake up refreshed and with your muscles out of spasm.

  5. kelly is such an inspiration dynamo.....and her jewelry is absolutely beautiful!!!! enjoy your new treasure!! :))

  6. thaks, lori! and you're absolutely right about kelly!

  7. Hey, Cath, I want to be yours and Kelly's long long capricorn triplet! I already love you both lke sisters. :-)

    Great pst by the way. You're both amazing and inspiring women!

  8. of course, brittany! now if we could just get ourselves a little weekend escape together and actually meet!

    thanks, so are you!


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