Tuesday, September 21, 2010

oh boy

Things have been a mite stressful around here for the past 24 hours re: Captain Comic and school.  So I was grateful to have my writing group meet today.

We met.  I wrote. Really I edited about eight pages of my manuscript in the middle and then got stuck and found myself drawing floor plans of the fictional house on the back pages of my printed editing copy because while I had in mind what the upstairs looked like and that it was a Cape with a two story addition on the back, and I knew the whole floor plan from kitchen to kids' rooms, I had no earthly idea where the parents' bedroom was, or bathrooms.  And I have been watching them walk through this house in my head for eons!

Thankgiving dinner guest has arrived, and the mother is coming out from having just showered all the flour and mess off herself from the dinner prep.  She is pulling her long wet hair back into a ponytail, but wait - where is she walking from?  Is she coming down the stairs as she talks and walks into the scene?  Or from a room that doesn't exist downstairs?  If it doesn't exist and I have been so sure of my floor plan all this time, where the heck am I going to put it?

There is no actual physical need to visualize and describe what the house looks like except I need to know so the narrative will work. 

Stuck as I was, I moved on to a random document that Honey had loaded on to the laptop he refurbished for my use.  Why did he put it on there?  I'll never know.  He likely has no idea why he did it, either, but there it was, tempting me from my task at hand that was floundering.

It was a short story I wrote a few years ago, I think.  I read it, found it quite enjoyable to look at again, and tweaked it a bit.  So though I was not directly productive on my novel, I was still productive and had some fun on a day I really needed to have a good distraction.

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