Thursday, September 16, 2010

i swore i wouldn't do it/don't you wish?

I swore I wouldn't do it:

I will try to be polite about it and not necessarily.....Poop Post.

Toots has to be potty trained completely before October 5th, when she ages into 2.5 year old preschool.

Yesterday I asked for consultation from a number of parent friends:  To Pullup or not to Pullup?

Consensus was if she has shown she can stay dry/not messed, plant the goods in the potty, then forego the Pullup.

So we did.  I even went out to buy more undies for more inspiration on her part.  She already had been wearing Hello Kitty panties over her Pullups. So I bought a few more pretty undies.

Okay, rant time:  why are 2T-3Ts so hard to find in panties?!  And then, why are they so expensive for such a tiny swatch of material?  GapKids, Gymboree and the Children's Place can go...(unsavory language)! Target, likewise. 

Old Navy was about half the price of the other places and in stock, though I was still not pleased with the price.

Toots is tiny, petite, a miniature svelte rather than a plump toddler.  No way she could have gotten by with a 4-5. I can double my fingers around her waist. 

When I got home, she was very excited about her new undies.  After nap, we got her going sans Pullups, and she did really well all the way through dinnertime, etc. Only one pee-pee accident.

So far so good this morning, too. 

(of course as I typed so far so good, she ran away from me when i asked if she needed to potty and proceeded to do so on the last carpet on our first floor.  crap.  she just did it again, 10mins later, right next to me)

Wish us luck.  We may be challenged in the take her out on the town department, but I will definitely try for church nursery on Sunday.


Don't you wish?

Your hair did this naturally:


  1. I always thought pull-ups were great for long car ride or a trip to the store during "unpredictable" phases of potty training. Otherwise, they just treat it like a diaper if that's what you start with.

    2.5 is usually the age kids *start* potty-training, so perhaps that's why there isn't much teensy-weensy undies out there. We usually found 2-3T packs at our Target, featuring elmo and disney.

  2. she is just shy of 2.5, but a pipsqueak. i'm not crazy about the preschool's deadline. but they did say they provide multiple potty breaks and watch for the pee dance and privacy poops.

    target was out.

    we're working on it. sticking to bedtime use of diapers/pullups only.


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