Sunday, September 19, 2010


The quilt is finished!  Phew!

And Toots is very happy.

Final ironing and pinning stage to close the open, stuffing edge:

Here it is before I threw it in the wash, so I can put it on her bed tonight.

The stitching isn't perfect, neither is the stuffing, but you know what?  I did it.  It's my first quilt.  I'm proud of it. 

And Toots's toes will not be hanging out the foot of it when she sleeps for a looong time to come.

Nope.  They sure won't!

And you know what else?  Look at the look on her face in both shots.  I'll wait.  Go ahead.

She knows I love her, big time.


  1. I LOVE it!!! Great job. (will you make ME one?...pleeeease) =)

  2. She is soooo cute, Cathy & the quilt is awesome!

  3. thanks, liz! and cuz pam, not unless you pay me a buttload of cash! lol!

    but i will tell you, other than the hours of toil and a million needle pokes, it was really easy and fun to do.

  4. it's darling - and so is she!! good job!

  5. you should be proud! it's lovely!!! and what nice memories she will be making, snuggled up in the quilt you made for her specially. yay!

  6. Yay! Congrats! Looks awesome and Toots sure seems to be enjoying it!

  7. Looks awesome, Cathy! Mighty impressive you-of-so-many-talents! :-)

  8. aw, thanks, brittany! i tend to think of myself more in the '...many talents, master of none'

    now, if i could just get motivated to do something today besides walk the dog and laundry...


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