Monday, April 19, 2010

Norman Rockwell stopped by for a visit

On any other day, you would never see this.  Captain Comic and Toots usually keep their distance pretty well, and if they happen to wander into each other's personal space in any capacity, screams ensue.  It could be either one of them screaming. 

But this morning, I heard something unusual coming from the least populated room in the house, and found them like this, cuddled up, Capt. Comic reading a picture book to Toots, and both of them enjoying it calmly, together.  They both have been sick for about two weeks with a cold that seems to subside and rev back up again. 

I'm going to enjoy this picture perfect moment a moment longer, because, as soon as they feel better, I'll likely ne'er see it again.

Norman Rockwell does not live here. We do.


  1. what a wonderful moment to capture. i'd blow up that picture, frame it and keep it in the house as a reminder for when things get hectic. :-)

  2. thanks, kelly. i would, but captain comic has already declared, 'oh great!you better not hold this over me later!'

    but i may just do that. frame it that is. :)

  3. oh, that is too sweet. i second kelly about enlarging the picture!

  4. thanks! i am seriously considering it! and i just bought new 8x10 frames....


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