Wednesday, April 7, 2010

balancing on the head of a pin

1.  Want to edit my manuscript like crazy today.

2. Need to call Mr. Cynic at friend's sleepover and find out if it's time to pick him up, having overstayed his welcome.

3. Want to edit my manuscript like crazy.

4. Toots keeps coming over to hug and cuddle or is getting into trouble elsewhere in the house.

5.  Feel very inspired to work on this big redux on the manuscript.

6. Captain Comic keeps coming over, tapping me on the shoulder and asking to use the computer to work on his document.

7. Inspiration is jumping around, pinging off the walls internally to work on my massive manuscript edits.

8.  Grandma is home, too, not that that's bad, but it's another excuse for a lack of concentration.

9.  I really want to work on my manuscript.  A happy mom is an inspired writing mom.

10.  Laundry.  Summer clothes from attic.  94 degree forecast today. 

11. Can I work on my manuscript, pretty please?

12.  Gardening calling...or rather weeding to continue calling.

13. Pretty, pretty, pretty please, with whipped cream on top?

14. Who wants to go to the beach?


  1. me! i'll go! jennings beach : )

    i hope you get to it soon and keep the inspiration!

  2. thanks, cathy! jennings is good, but i always liked penfield better....

  3. Oh that sounds like me!!!!! Which won - manuscript or beach??

  4. Isn't that funny? Kids are the greatest inspiration to write, but also take up so much time it is hard to FIND the time to write!!!!
    Good luck with the manuscript!

  5. thank you, 5kids! and welcome!


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