Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Rolling with it

So yesterday's post was a bit of a rant about how things just seem to not be going my way and I have to take a little more charge in order for me to show up on the family priority list.  Today, is another thwarted day for creativity, but I shall try to make the best of it.

Since I won't be able to write effectively, I am making a public list of want to dos for the day.

1. Remove the insane piles of clothes in my room by finishing the switch of summer clothes and actually putting last week's laundry in the appropriate drawers.  Grandma is home today, so I can leave Toots with her and disappear for my own sake and sanity in this endeavor.

2. I think 1 is about enough, but maybe I will sneak the current book I am reading up there with me for breaks in the above and

3.  Maybe I'll sneak in a little journaling, too.  The binding on that thing is getting creakier than a haunted house door hinge. And maybe in doing that, for tomorrow, I'll have freed up enough brain space to actually accomplish an edit or two.


  1. laundry is my monster too. and i know you have more than i do! try some zen folding. :-)

  2. thanks, kelly. yea, i'm trying zen folding! lol!


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