Friday, April 2, 2010

Big Bad A** 2 year old

Whoever took the daughter I spoke of yesterday and replaced her with the one that appeared this morning, I would like the old one back, please.

The word No and screams are her M.O.  today.

I remind myself this, too, shall pass.  But could it happen quickly, please?

At least my wisteria budding makes me happy. 


  1. Maybe the faeries took her and replaced her with a changeling. That's what I always claimed happened when my daughters were having those tempermental days.

  2. lol, lisa! it seems my brilliant calm sweet daughter was imediately replaced with a metaphoric 2 yo as soon as she turned 2. thankfully, for friday, it only lasted about half the day. but now it seems to be a running 1/ day trend...


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