Thursday, April 8, 2010

Pollen, anyone?

Spring has not only sprung, it has exploded in yellow green clouds of pine pollen and coated my entire town in a layer that if it were gold dust, we'd all be millionaires just from dusting off our cars and cashing the stuff in.
Lucy's snout, for instance,  is usually all black.  I finally got as good shot of her looking at the camera.  This dog is either in full sniff and dig mode, running circuits around the yard, or flat out asleep.  She is very difficult to photograph. 

Those wisteria buds I posted a few days ago have begun to bloom, and the scent of them in the air is truly heaven.

Late yesterday afternoon was a hot one.  94 in the shade hot, but there was a delightful breeze.  Unfortunately, it blew pollen everywhere, too...especially in my eyes, which are allergic to the stuff and burned.  I was good and didn't cave to the temptation to rub them, which turns them into fiery water faucets.  Seriously, they pour cartoon waterfalls if I rub them with this pollen in the air, on my hands, and everywhere else. 
It was so hot, even Toots had to rest.  Usually when we are out back, and I'm gardening or puttering some other yard work, she is 'running, running, running awound in ciwcos!'  or doing so while singing a song.  You can see, we still have a lot of work to do to prep my vegetable beds as well as the lawn.  I'm off to a slower start this year, trying to listen to my still healing body.

Even with the pollen overkill, it was a lovely, lovely, afternoon. 

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