Friday, April 23, 2010

Last night's dinner conversation

And it begins:

Capt. Comic: Mom? What's POT?!

My MIL: It's something you cook in.

Capt. Comic:  No, not that kind! The OTHER kind!

Mr. Cynic (my 15yo in 5 days): Marijuana.

Me (humorously, I hope): That better be all you know!

Mr. Cynic (eye roll): It's a smokable illegal substance that makes you high.

My MIL: Except it's legal in California.

Mr. Cynic and me, in unison: Only for medical purposes.

Me to Capt. Comic: and don't do it, because it'll make you stupid. Stoners are stupid (lame imitation of a stoner including 'whoa, duuuude').

Shea: What's a STONER?!

Toots, quietly at the other end of the table:  sto-neh?!

Mr. Cynic: Someone who smokes pot.

Me: Like skaterboyz.

Capt. Comic: What's a skaterboy?

Mr. Cynic: Remember when I had long hair? Like that, but with a skicap.

Capt. Comic: What's a skicap?

Honey, motions with his hands as if he has ski poles at the dinner table: It's what you wear when you ski to keep your head warm.

(And it continues while the light slowly crests over the horizon of his mind until, eureka! We seem to strike gold)

Capt. Comic: OOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooohhhhhhh.......


  1. This is hilarious! Kids dream up fodder for dinner table conversation that I couldn't invent if i tried!

  2. oh good, i was beginning to have second thoughts about the appropriateness of this post! thank you, aimee!


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