Sunday, April 11, 2010

movie review of a different kind

Last night, Syfy channel showed an original movie called Megapiranha.

First I would like to mention, as many others have already, just how much the station changing from Scifi to Syfy irritates the bejeez out of me.  I am, after all, an Enlish major, writer, and tutor at heart.  Just ignore my sentence fragments and run-ons here, because those are for expressive emphasis, you know.  It's my conversational style.

At the end of Megapiranha, after much laughter at the complete and utter ridiculosity of it, which includes casting Tiffany of 80's mall singer fame as the scientist who bioengineered the giant and growing bigger than a helicopter by the end of the movie piranha:

Mr Cynic proclaimed, "Oh good, I think I just used up a part of my memory I'll wish I still had later in life!'


  1. I do believe Asylum Films has much to answer for.Which they can do at this year's Rasberry awards as they accept the award for Worst Movie In The History Of All Media.

  2. this really should be a contender! thanks for stopping by, OKC150


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