Friday, April 9, 2010

This space was reserved for a movie review

I took the younger two of my children to see How To Train Your Dragon today.

I was going to review it here after I saw it, but considering I took a two year old Toots along, because she used to be such an enviably good baby, there will be no review.  The devil has taken her place.

About when I had chased her up and down the center aisle stairs multiple times (nicely, mind you, she just wanted an adventure, unless I thwarted it, then screams ensued), I knew we were done.

Here's how I knew:  A woman got right in my face and yelled, "I paid a lot of money to see this move!"  (We were at a matinee showing - the cheap seats) 

So I looked her in the eye and declared, "So did I."

Then she said she would call the authorities.  I thought, real nice lady, there's 10 minutes left.  We came to the matinee because I had the toddler with me.

The good news is Captain Comic really enjoyed the movie, and stayed in his seat the whole time.  Now that is an accomplishment, especially considering I left him in there on his own.

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