Thursday, April 22, 2010


Cheeky little bugger, isn't he?  I took this through my slider, from about a three feet away.

Where was my terrifying to rodents terrier?

Probably sleeping on the couch, on the pillow she has taken over but not yet chewed to smithereens.

Happy Earth Day, btw.  I'm actually quite thrilled to see the little rodent so comfortable on my deck table. 

I doubt Honey feels the same way.  He skeeves easily when it comes to where he eats and any possibility of contamination. Not that he's OCD or anything.  He's just a little quirky about his food.


  1. He might even join you for lunch next time! My girls would have been delighted to see a squirrel in the garden.....we're a little bored of the magpies now!

  2. i would love that, alas, honey would not. i would also love magpies! i'm getting a little tired of the grackles here.

  3. I secretly enjoy it when an "s" is able to go by undetected by our schnauzer. We have to say "s" instead of the real word because he will go bonkers otherwise and climb the glass door to get out. :)

  4. haha! thanks for sharing that, amy. my dog barks and zips for the front door when a doorbell rings on the tv.


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