Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Confirmation of all my fears

Great writers' group this morning - afternoon.  We wrote, I was interrupted by kids a variety of ways (school vacation and toddler), and then we got hungry, ate lunch and discussed the first third of my novel, as I mentioned yesterday.

They confirmed all of my misgivings about the manuscript's current state, and now, boy do I have a lot of work to do.  But it's good, not the dread that my anticipation was giving me. 

I kind of wish I was done already...but I guess this is what they mean about 2nd draft work.  It's not just about picking through the first draft and the million and a half edits already done, but about the complete restructuring of the storytelling... focus description into action, rearrange parts, rethink what is important about characters ad how they serve the story...you know, the big stuff.

So big stuff, here I come.  Right after this diaper change....

Psst!  Guess what else?  They liked it, too!


  1. That's great that you can get such useful and constructive feedback about your work in a supportive way from people that you know and whose opinions you trust. I wish there was an equivalent for composers. Maybe I'll start one. Good luck with the next phase!

  2. thanks, christine! yes, it is very nice, i haven't had a good constructive criticism group in eons.

    great idea to make a composer one!

    i had a group of creative women years ago, a mix of writers and musicians and songwriters mainly, some visual artists, too, and found it one of the most vital and inspiring groups i was ever a part of.


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