Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Universe works in mysterious ways

Sooo, I will kvetch no more - this week anyway - as after my last two days of considering every option and feeling like I had none left, suddenly:

a friend offered to barter my tutoring her 13 year old daughter for watching my 2 year old daughter on writers' group days. 


drumroll, please.....

Honey's cousin needs some of Honey's professional expertise on a public speaking gig in Colorado in a couple of weeks.  And he offered to let me tag along, too.  I will go to his public speaking gig, but largely, I am going to blissfully sit in my hotel room, without any interruptions and edit the bejeez out of my manuscript on Honey's laptop!!!

and Grandma offered to watch the kids for that weekend. 

I hope I didn't die, because this sure feels like heaven.


  1. thanks, kelly!

    i know, right?!

  2. That does sound like a blissful impromptu writing retreat!

  3. thank you! and the added bonus of alone time with honey!


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