Tuesday, April 13, 2010

i have a code in my node

Woe is me, and it's a small woe.

I am blessed, unlike most of the rest of my immediate family, to not be generally affected by hayfevery pollen issues, except for the occasional burning eyes around pine pollen season.

Yet, between everyone else around me stuffing up, snuffling sneezing coughing, etc, we also acquired a cold, and now it has acquired me.

I won't whine, but I will say, stuffy sinus cavity is not a comfy feeling.

And Captain Comic did not go back to school today.  Poor kid, up coughing all night again. 

HHHHmmmm...I don't think that editing is going to happen as I had planned....This may be a turn on the TV, plug in videos type of day. 


  1. get better soon - at least the good weather might cheer you up while you sniffle..

  2. sorry you are feeling poorly! i've managed to escape most of the crud this season thankfully. feel better soon!

  3. Oh doh! Feel bedder sood. Word verification is "heddi" which is obviously how you feel.

  4. thank you all!

    i just countered the 'heddi' feeling by popping wasabi sybeans in my mouth mouth blew up in flames. i will not be buying that snack again!

    the entire insides of my mouth are throbbing, even after a big glass of milk. :(

  5. Poor you! Feel better soon. Have you tried cheese toast topped with garlic slices? It's delicious, but you might have to stay far away from everyone in your house after you eat it. (Maybe you could get some editing done...)? ;-)


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