Friday, December 18, 2009

TMI, Mom-style

It's only a little TMI, but here's an opportunity to commisserate upon one of those universal truths of motherhood.

Sometimes, you need to pee so badly, but you don't move to do so because you finally got the little spaz of a toddler who refuses to nap to nap on your lap because that was the only thing that would work, and you need to get something done that requires both hands but she's warm, she's cuddly, she's snuggled up with one hand firmly planted in her mouth and the other gripping your muffin top because that is what she has chosen to be her ultimate comfort item, and oh to hell with it. I need to pee.

Now that is the sort of motherly sacrifice rarely discussed in open forums.


  1. Ha! For me, it was always the opposite: nursing or rocking the baby and suddenly I would be PARCHED, absolutely dehydrated, unable to breathe without choking on the dry dust in my throat.

    So, of course, I'd just, like, not breathe.

  2. hahaha, yes, there is that, too.


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