Tuesday, December 29, 2009


To protect the innocent and not so innocent in my family, I have been using first initials. I was never keen on it, but at the time I started, I wasn't feeling very imaginative about the kids' names or anyone else's for that matter. We do have a bevy of nicknames around the house, but I knew those would just be embarassing, especially for the teen.

At times, it can get quite confusing what with my eldest child, both my brothers and most of eldest child's friends starting with K. I tried a numbers system K, K2, K3 for his closest friends, and then in some blog post, my brothers entered the picture, and I can't recall what I did with them. Oh yeah, I opted for the three inital mode for them, which never felt right as my older brother is definitely a K name and not a WKC. My wacky parents called him by his middle name. His official first name is his son's name, and... oh forget it!

And Baby C is hardly a Baby anymore. S as a name always fell flat. Honey, however will remain Honey, because he is my Honey, even on days when I am feeling less than sweet toward him.

So I have been considering the options that best suit each child's personality. When Baby C entered the world, S said, Hey Toots! upon meeting her, and it is safe to say that that nickname stuck from the sheer old fashioned, Speakeasy fun of it. My daughter, the toddler gangster's moll. We do call her Toots, among other things, around home. It is a fitting name for her here.

Therefore, may it be proclaimeth that Baby C shall henceforth be referred to and known as Toots. And sometimes I even call her Toots and the Maytals - a throwback to a reggae band I saw in the 80s. Ooooo, I just googled and they're apparently still touring!

But I digress.

Baby C is now Toots.

K has oft prided himself on his cynical nature, which I find extremely amusing, since he's been trying to be a cynical teen since he was about four years old, so he henceforth shall be known as Mr. Cynic.

Ya hear that, Mr. Cynic? yeah, that means you, dude.

(I just wanted to embarass him a little more anyway)

S is the toughie. He has an unabiding love of Godzilla and all things giant monster, especially ushered in from Toho Studios. He has recently declared his adult career of choice is comic book artist, and I've shown some examples here. I certainly do not want to caption him as his Asperger's Syndrome alone, because there is so much more to him than that. Maybe that's it: Captain Comic - to be used thusly as in The Further Adventures of Mr. Cynic and Captain Comic. Sure, that fits. Captain Comic it is. He is a very funny guy, too.

So that takes care of the kids. Mr Cynic, Captain Comic and Toots. They'd make a great alt comic gang, don't you think? But guess what, they're mine. And so is their particular mode of mayhem.


  1. LOVE it! I've been contemplating nickname monikers too. My little one and littler one are both "B"s, as you know. But so far my initials are working OK. we shall see!

  2. thanks, jen. the initials definitely work on your blog. probably where i got the idea somewhat. mr cynic's baby rapper name was k-bear, which he still gets called from time to time, but usually just as k, so he has in some fashion always been an initial kid. i just have too many k's in my life to write in a blog.


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