Friday, December 4, 2009


Baby C has recently discovered the joys of kissing.

She wanders over to me at the computer, raises my shirt tail and kisses my hip repeatedly, giggling. Then wanders away chuckling to herself.

She stood in the corner of the room the other day and blew kisses to the maddening crowds. That would be Grandma and me. Tossed them through the air like an old Hollywood starlet.

She gets sudden urges to run up and plant one right on my mouth, Honey's or Grandma's. She tries to with the boys, too, but they run screaming. Well one does, the other says, "Nah." She just takes it from him as if she did sneak one in.

But don't try to kiss her. She just turns her head and runs, laughing and saying "No, no, no!"

Could any phase of development be better than this one?

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