Wednesday, December 2, 2009

S, the horse expert

Today was the last day of S's class going to horse therapy at Dream Catchers. His school received a grant to send them. The parents were invited to attend and see what they accomplished. I am very proud of him, he did great.

There is very little that comes easily or naturally to S in this world, but when something does, he can do it or know it better than anyone. I was told today what a delight he was to have there in the program, how much he took to the horses and how to treat them from grooming to handling the reins. But the magnificent thing, and what has me in tears just thinking of it now, is they told me he has what is referred to as a natural seat: the instinct of how to ride and move with the horse the proper way. They didn't have to teach him that at all. Usually he rode a horse named Mr. Darcy, but today it was Winston.
My uncle has a ranch full of horses, my grandfather loved horses until the day he died, when I was very young. I've always loved horses but haven't had the interaction with them I've always wished for. Sure I've ridden a handful of times, but I could probably count them on one hand. I've always felt my love for horses and animals in general ran through my veins. Apparently it does through S's, too. If my grandfather is watching, he is at least as proud of S as I am.


  1. Beautiful, Cathy. This makes me really proud.

  2. Thanks, libs! You should have seen him. (pitter-patter)


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