Thursday, December 17, 2009

Proud Mama

My teen, K is a freshman in high school. Today I had a meeting with him and his guidance counselor to plot out his likely course load for the next few years until his graduation in 2013.

He'd already been tracked into the honors advanced classes in middle school, but now he'll be starting AP courses in his sophomore year.

The Virginia state tests are known as the SOLs, which I find highly ironic since if you don't pass you're basically, SOL.

Anyway, the guidance counselor just threw out there for K to hear, "You were one question away from a perfect score on last spring's test. I don't see any reason why we can't keep you going on the fast track to college credits."

Then he pointed out options for just how fast that track can be. It gave plenty of wiggle room for K to decide to take just above normal high school load, the medium setting or the Einstein setting. By the look on K's face, come springtime, I think he's pretty confident about the Einstein setting.

Then the guidance counselor suggested K start considering extracurricular activities. "Now, I'm the last guy to suggest you sign up for five or six activities, but you really should be involved in at least one thing." We ended up discussing K going into theater tech because, while all that brainiac stuff is great, having practical skills is even better. And it's fun with plenty of hang out time with plenty of friends. "They just held auditions for Grease. You should talk with Mrs. M about doing backstage work." K seemed receptive to this suggestion, as he had signed up for the theater tech class but was bumped to chorus because of lack of interest this year.

Tonight is his Chorus concert and he has seemed like he is really looking forward to it. That's a big improvement over his past interest expressed in things. I am a proud mama, indeed.

Just a side note here: in my freshman year in high school, I was in a production of Grease, and I really enjoyed Chorus all the way through college. Now wouldn't that be something if he followed my trail of bread crumbs? NOt that I'm counting on it our anything....but it would be fun.

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