Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sneaky fleabag.

photocredit: S, cropped by mom.

We are still having trouble with the uberfleas.

S and K thought we should take a picture of Babette curled up napping with Baby C. I had been chasing that dang fleabag away from C the whole nap and had recently given up so that I might do something productive with the few minutes of non-toddler time I had left. I pray the fleas aren't hopping for baby flesh.

Caught in the act. Just look at her, smug little fleabag.

She used to sleep with the boys the same way when they were little, but she didn't have fleas back then. When we lived in condos, she was an indoor only kitty. And we didn't live in the land of uberfleas.

Poor cat and Lucy dog. The little fleabags just this week been doused, sprayed, powder rubbed, and herbal bathed on three different occasions. I know we had a freeze two nights ago, so the dang fleas should be gone outside. But these poor furry girls are still suffering. Anymore suggestions before we bring in the big poison guns?


  1. very cute... although I do feel your pain. Have you tried flea collars?

  2. no can do with toddler.

    besides, i think i posted before about how these fleas clink their shot glasses of frontline and toast to what doesn't kill us makes us stronger.

  3. i swear by advantage, but you might consider that big poison guns. gotta have that in fla though. :-)

  4. advantage didn't work at all, it's a garnish the frontline shot glasses...


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