Friday, December 31, 2010

i diiiid it! oh yea, i diiiiid it!

I now have a completed Second Draft.  Of course this means it is actually about draft number 5,432.

But, I locked myself away today, and it's done.

I love Chapter 24's dialogue the best.  It subtly brings the themes and stray plot threads together.  And it's funny.

And guess what?

The ending still makes me cry.

I think I'm in love with it all over again. 

Now to print it and hand it to off to my writing group on Tuesday, and hope they can cruise through it in time for the writing retreat in another week or so. I know, asking for critique in that timeframe is a lot, but it's only 118 pages of middle reader material. Double spaced.

Strangely, I feel like I've just given birth, again.

Happy New Year, indeed.


  1. Wow, Cath, this is HUGE. Congrats!!! What a way to start a new year!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS! This is such an incredible accomplishment--I'm a writer, too and I have been struggling with re-writes for a looooong time. What a great way to begin 2011--celebrate big time!

  3. thank you, joy! it is grand! good luck with yours! i hope this coming draft is my last.

  4. YEAHHHH!!!!So happy for you I can feel the energy all the way to the N Shore of Boston! You have piqued my curiosity as well; sounds like I may just HAVE to read it! m


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