Wednesday, December 15, 2010

weekword: christmas

Allie in Wonderland has chosen this week's Weekword, the seasonally appropriate, Christmas. Please go to her blog to see the rest of the participants' creative endeavors. She will post links to all on Friday.

I have to admit, it's coming in like a fast moving train to a deer on the tracks for me this year. I've barely done anything for it preparationwise, shoppingwise, etc and frankly I don't know how I will.

My parents are planning on visiting for Christmas, too.  It's a long ride for them from Connecticut to my out of the way corner of Virginia.  We spent a handful of Christmases on the road to visit my Grandparents in Atlanta and Orlando when I was growing up - and every summer, too.  So I know they can handle the ride, but they are much older now than the 1970s and 80s when we did it together, and I worry. I don't want them to wear themselves out.  However, they are also planning to travel to more than just us.  They are doing a timeshare tour through the South apparently. So why should I worry?  Clearly they are ready for an adventure.

Last week was Toots's pageant for her preschool. They were too cute. While I am not the most singularly religious person around, I am rather spiritually oriented and the tale of the manger gets me every time. Toots is the littlest lamb front and center, with curls and polka dots hanging out of her costume. Please note, my washer was kaput for about a week, and the repair man came that afternoon or she would have been at least wearing pants that weren't too short. The kids were all adorable singing their songs with hand gesture prompts from their teachers.

Tomorrow night is Mr. Cynic's Jazz Choir Winter Concert at his high school along with the other choirs and bands. His choir also sang last Sunday at the above church, which isn't ours. I made it to see them for their first service performance but then I was at ours teaching the youth group and singing at our ordination for the rest of the day and into the evening.  Toots's performance was last Thursday night, so that means, right before Christmas, I haven't made it to the two main rehearsals to learn the music my choir will be singing for the Christmas Eve service.  And that pretty much sums up the way this season has gone since Thanksgiving. Then throw in a nasty cold virus and laryngitis.

So today I am hoping the cards are ready to be picked up that I ordered yesterday, finally, eventhough we had our photo shoot on the same busy weekend described above. Then I have to figure out and shop for Christmas meals, presents for niece and nephews on my side, and great nephews on Honey's side, address a lot of cards, figure out and bake a lot of cookies, still pull the tree and decor for the season out of the attic and well, maybe you saw yesterday's list of lists to get the idea...

But I will bake cookies, by gum!  That's what I do.  I will bake at least gingerbread men and sugar cookies, and I may spiral some snickerdoodles, and then Grandma will likely make her fudge and 'annizette'. Maybe by the time my parents arrive, we will have finished rolling out the homemade lasgna and it will be in the oven baking while I sing on Christmas eve, then we'll come home, eat and.....well, you get the idea.

Oh wait, we still have to put up the lights on the house and japanese maple, too. And I forgot to mention what this season does for Captain Comic's anticipation anxiety...The other night I caught him in a lie and used Santa even though I know he knows now.  His response was "That darned Santa's got me every which way I turn."


  1. i played this week too!

    toots' preschool class looks so sweet. i remember wearing a bath towel on my head when i was a shepherd. i think i wore my bathrobe too.

    your Christmas looks cheery indeed!

  2. that's fun, SE! i'll go look now!

  3. I was going to comment all over the place about you busy schedule, the parental units coming into town, my sharing your feeling of Christmas being upon us without any of the usual preparation, but I'm totally enamored with the idea of homemade lasagna and I can't think of anything else! Ummmm (Homer Simpson sounding) lasagna.

    Have a wonderful Christmas Cathy and thanks for the kind wishes on my blog.

  4. thanks! you, too, carmen, have a great holiday.

  5. I love the Santa's got me every which way quote. It's been a rough week of anticipation here x4. Happy holidays to you and yours!

  6. haha, thank you! good luck surviving til christmas! then happy holidays to you.

  7. That darn Santa! lol


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