Monday, December 20, 2010


All the best things of life start with butter and sugar.
My good little helper, Toots cracked the eggs vewy cawefuwy.
Toots: Can I have a big taste?
Mom: How about a little taste?
Toots: Okay, just a yiddo taste.

Sugar cookie dough, done and in fridge now.
 Time to start round two:  gingerbread cookies. See the spices in the foreground?
MMM...smellavision - spicy goodness.  But wait, it looks a bit too ....buttery!  I accidentally quadrupled the butter when I was doubling the recipe!  Or at least I think so.  I still have my doubts about this, but I 'fixed' it in a haphazard manner because I was so fed up with myself for messing up recipes lately, like the brownies I did similar to last week.

So now it sits in the fridge, looking more like dough than that batterish stuff there. I wait for them to be ready to roll out, cut and bake tonight.

Mr. Cynic wants to make snickerdoodles for his "Spontaneous Cultural Gathering" at school this week.  They're not allowed to have parties. He likes making snickerdoodles. Maybe I'll get him to double his and I'll make the spiral wheels version of them to hand out around the neighborhood,etc  with the sugars and gingerbread men.  Now to go make the icing.  I bought some new Wilton red....I'm ready for anything.  Right after I switch a laundry load and eat some lunch.


  1. Buddah...Buddah...and more Buddah. Possibly Paula Dean could give an edible suggestion! This is my way of baking I now make it the no-way. Enjoy your family!


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