Wednesday, December 29, 2010

the call of the pathetic

From the room with the tv, I hear a plaintive plea,

"Mooooommyyyyyy!  I neeeeeed yooooooou!  I got booooogerrrrrrrs!"

Just in time for the boys to be out of the house for a week, Toots has contracted an epic cold.  She has amazing projectile snot powers.  It's been ten years since I've had a toddler full of mucus, and I had forgotten what a surprising amount of volume and velocity those little bodies can mani-infest.

So not much time for blogging or nary else. I must cuddle, coddle a limp little swollen eyed one and have plenty of tissues at hand.  Amazingly, she only raises a very slight temperature in the evening, so I can hold off on the doctor unless what is still coming out clear, if goopy, starts to grow colorful in the yellow to green spectrum.

Happy parenting!  Someday I will edit those last thirty flipping pages.


  1. Poor little one! The ubiquitous goopy nose is all the rage among the toddler set these winter months. Coddle her well. Love you!

  2. We are just getting over the booogers around here. It has been a less-than-lively Christmas for us, but we're going to go into the new year feeling much better! (I just jinxed my whole family, didn't I?)

  3. oh no! but at least you feel better now.

  4. thanks, mary! completely normal, i know...


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