Monday, January 3, 2011

2 good

Hmm..maybe this should be my first List it Tuesday for the year? 

1. The boys are home and the twelve hour road trip was an adventure, starting with the giant donut and cup of milk at eight am. Toots ingested it faster than I've ever seen her eat anything in her little life, and it was bigger than her head. Her eyes were like glazed donuts when she spied its removal from the Dunkin bag.  Since Halloween, she essentially has forgone all foods but sugar. All she asked from Santa was candy. I can't wait til there's no more candy in the house. She has been wired.  Only tantrums she's had have been during this sugared up quarter of a year. Back to the story:

Then she dug into a roll of raspberry Pez. An hour later, as I drove, we heard a little voice say, "I haf a bewwyache."

Thank goodness I was driving.  Honey turned around in time to see Toots's cutely pathetic face reveal a repeat appearance of the Donut and milk combo streaked pink by Pez. 

I'll spare you more details, particularly the smell - which was something else.  Poor kid.  we pulled over on the side of the road and while Honey got her cleaned up in the grass with cars and trucks whizzing by - thank goodness the weather wasn't frigid, I made good, if gag-inducing work of her seat.

Later, Honey vowed he'd never hand her a whole donut again.

We retrieved the boys in Delaware, a halfway meeting point with their father who lives in Rhode Island, and got back on the road around two pm. Later, as we considered a dinner stop, Toots who is about ninety percent potty trained, peed in her seat. Poor kid.  That was the main reason I was considering the stop, I knew she was due. So there went the towel she was sitting on, and her second outfit.  Good thing we packed three.

The kitchen staff of the restaurant very nicely gave us some clean dish rags for her sit on for the two hour ride home.  So if you're ever traveling along Virginia Route 17 through Port Royal, stop at Buster's Place. Good seafood - my oyster Po' Boy wasn't quite a New Orleans one, but the oysters were tender and perfectly light battered and fried -  reasonably priced and the staff was great.  A good family place.

But mostly, the boys are home now, and that is good. 

2. Aimee Doolich at Artsyville asked about resolutions and offered a doodled prize to go to a handful of commenters on her post. I won the little piece below!

art and photo, aimee doolich

It couldn't have been more perfect timing as I am committed to finishing the manuscript's third draft and getting it out ot agents and publishers by spring.  I can't wait til it arrives via snail mail!  I've loved Aimee's doodles from afar since I came across them.  They are reasonably priced and come as small prints, magnets and larger prints, but they are all bright, cheery, beautiful, fun and motivating. Please go check them out.  Be better than I am at ordering something for yourself.  They are extremely reasonably priced. Treat yourself now.  Go ahead and give yourself permission. Give up 2 double latte mocha whatevers at Starbucks, and get yourself something permanent, creative, and motivating. Because they are really good.

Addendum: I have been remiss lately about linkage to what List it Tuesday is all about.  Aimee at Artsyville posts a list of her own on Tuesdays, and then the commenters post links to their pieces of art.  I wasn't super artful this week. The lists are meant to be handmade. Please click on the colorful box List it Tuesday in my right margin and that will lead you around a very colorful web of lists...


  1. i'm so glad you won! you are so sweet for the mention!

  2. Isn't Aimee's stuff like the most awesome little pick me up ever?? I try to treat myself with her doodles as often as I can :) I love reading your tales of Toots-she sounds so distinctively cute and squishable, I think of Monsters Inc.'s little heroine Boo when I hear Toot's Tales.

  3. aw, thanks! i think i have mike and sully, too...

    aimee's doddles always inspire and make me smile!

  4. ugh, a sick tot in the car. glad all have recovered and you scored some sweet loot from aimee.

    happy new year.


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