Thursday, September 3, 2009

Strange Fruit - Coleyfruit, Butternut Melon or Waternut Squash?

A little neglect can go a long way. The other day, I woefully approached my very overgrown squash plot, and started pulling weeds that were begining to look like small trees ( some of them were, actually, birch) when out of the tangle and jumble popped this:

I unintentionally created a new fruit or is it a vegetable? After the squash bugs decimated my summer squash, zucchini, and cucumbers, and after what seemed to be the end of my watermelon and butternut squash crop of two minis per row, I walked away from it. Apparently the watermelon and butternut squash got a little randy in my absence and cross-pollinated. Here's the tomato thief's hand coming into the shot for a size check.

K offered congratulations for combining one of the things he loves most with one of the things he hates most.
Now the only two questions left are what to name it and how to serve it - cook it in my usual butternut squash ways, halved and roasted with olive oil, nutmeg and clove for instance, or raw like, well, watermelon.
K suggested calling it Butternut Melon at the same time I thought Waternut Squash. What's your vote? I also like Coleyfruit.
I'm going to save the seeds for next year.


  1. Coleyfruit. Everyone needs something to be remembered by! ;-) Let us know how you prepare it and what it tastes like.

  2. we ate it raw. more melon than squash, denser than watermelon, more like a musk melon. tasted cucumbery. alas, it had the asexuality of many a hybrid: no seeds to plant next year.

  3. thanks, i like Coleyfruit, too!


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