Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Autumn 2009

It's official. Summer is over and autumn is here. I love autumn. In New England, I lived for autumn, trembling with anticipation. Now I ease gently into it, lingering with the Coastal Virginia breeze. I don't need a sweater, and rarely, socks. The colors are just starting outside my window. No, not as brilliant as in New England, but still subtly signaling change and the continuing cycle of death and rebirth that the whole of life on earth lives by, feeding on the old to bring about the new....Happy Autumn.
For those of you who are forlorned for summer's end, don't worry, spring comes around in a mere handful of months, and the explosion of blooms and the laze of heat shall return. I know many New Englanders are probably already missing a summer that barely made more than the rainiest appearance after last winter's brutal ice storms. I have a feeling this winter won't be quite so brutal.

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