Wednesday, March 2, 2011

yes, even this

Poor Toots yakked her way through last night, poor iddo thing.

Honey took care of the bulk of flying her to the toilet and changing out pjs and sheets.

Even as I was aware of the events of the night, through sheer pushing through the stomach bug (i didn't yak) and overscheduled prior several days, last night I couldn't move as quickly as the yaks occurred.

I cuddled her while he changed sheets, he cuddled her a lot more, took temps gave meds, and generally took excellent care of her.  I've been through plenty of nights like this when the boys were little, and not so little, but this was Honey's first go with having a sick all night kid. 

And I have to say, he was a natural.  He cuddled her sweetly. Her complete trust of him was beyond evident, as was his love for her.

This is why I married him.  I knew he had this in him. He's not the most demonstrative guy in the world, but when it really counts, nobody cuddles better.

And now he's off to work, where a big and urgent project awaits....what a trooper.


  1. Awwww.... Darin saw the girls through that in November. He and Nadja were both very ill, sleeping on an air mattress with a bucket on each side. He'd be helping her puke, while he was puking himself. I was exiled to the basement because I was 7+ months pregnant.

  2. aw,sorry he got so sick, too, but it's good you were exiled.


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