Monday, March 28, 2011


Dear Rain,

I love you, but please go away. The cold, too.  I thought I moved South?  This is looking more like a Boston March at the moment. I really appreciated the sleet, rain and hail yesterday.  So much so, that I remained in bed all day. Of course the doubled over lower bellyache lent to that, too. But I enjoyed reading an actual book. A couple of chapters anyway. And watching Dirty Harry, and Pretty in Pink. I love Ducky. It made my day.  Yes, I went for it.

Toots's birthday party is at the end of the week, and I have serious work to do in the backyard. Serious work. My plots are overgrown with things I didn't plant. I want to get the spring peas in, and there's a lot of Lucy poop scooping, too. It's been a mostly cold and long winter.

So, please, Rain, can you take this week's forecast, and skeedaddle? Please?

It would help make for a really fun princess baseball birthday party.

One overwrought mother with no sunny window in sight.


  1. Oh that rain - it definitely needs to go - pronto! And then you can get your hands dirty for your little princess.

  2. Reading your next post, you got your wish! Maybe blogging to the uberspere works! Now, where's my wishlist!

  3. i did a smidge of gardening today!


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