Friday, March 4, 2011


Stomach bug is marching through house and self.

Worm has taken over my pc, can't access my photos or many documents and very important emails with schools, etc.

The laptop does this weird jumpy typie thing. I'll be typing away and suddenly it's typing into another line of text.

So much for my self-imposed mid-March deadline. Think I can rewrite two thirds of this manuscript in one week with many appointments scheduled for this and that?

And we want to revamp the kids' room and do a spring clean of the yard, etc. before Toots's birthday on April 1.

Anyone recall the old Dr. Demento radio show?  They're coming to take me away ha ha ho ho hee hee.


  1. Thanks for the laugh. I feel just like that+stomach cramps and puking. I love the stomach flu, don't you?

  2. oh good, brittany, glad it made you laugh!


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