Sunday, March 6, 2011

brotherly love

Mom: ... please clean your room, decide what you want to keep [etc] so we can move you into [Mr. Cynic's] room next weekend. We'll try to make a partition asap.

Captain Comic: How 'bout an electric fence?

Mind you, the boys shared a room for the first seven years of Captain Comic's life, and I just convinced Mr. Cynic to accept the return to prior format. That took a lot of work.

Toots is going to be in Honey's and my room forever, isn't she?


  1. Kids say the funniest things don't they? Why do we stop being so funny when we get older??

  2. oh, i think its just a matter of perspective. :) i still come out with some doozies, as do plenty of people i know.

  3. love your new banner! I'm not sure I remember what your book is about? if it's a children's book, is it also being illustrated too? I don't really know how that works?

  4. hi christine! yes it's a children's novel, so it may have chapter heading sketches.


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