Wednesday, March 9, 2011

writing surprise

Grandma took Toots out with her this morning, which means I should be able to write in the house. But first I need to clean off my desk so I can spread out the critiqued pages. And I have to keep myself from being tempted to do other cleaning or gardening futzing.

Yesterday at writing group, I did what I hadn't been doing as I rewrote this draft - a pretty thorough read through of what I have so far, and I took care of minor corrections I missed along the way.  I made it to the nurse scene. The scene I had stopped at three days before. The one I had trouble rewriting because it will change things down the line in the manuscript and I don't know quite how to rewite those yet.  I mean I do, but you know, I don't.  I know what needs to happen, but haven't actually put it in the document yet.  I just have my list of things to change.

So today I will rewrite the nurse scene in which the main character's mom previously rescued him from further embarrassment by picking him up. Now he's going to have to go back to class in the embarrassing borrowed sweatpants and shirt. As if things weren't bad enough for the kid there already.

I had a bad habit of protecting my main character in prior drafts, finding outs for him rather than writing the tough scene that would progress the plot forward.

But this rewrite is going to change a couple of other threads I'll need to deal with another day. Hence the avoidance yesterday. Okay, my breakfast is almost finished, so, time to get to it!  Thanks for 'listening to my thinking aloud'.

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