Saturday, March 26, 2011

spring springing

My daffodils 

Camellias, varigated

Pink and white from the same branch. 
There's a red camellia tree just beyond a Crepe Myrtle along my fence.
This tree used to be all white.

Daffodils by my subdivision entrance, behind my yard.

Holly buds 

These purple stars begin with A. It's a very sciency name. 

Broccoli blooms from last year's 'crop'

Hi Chives

Welcome back, strawberries

Hello Wisteria buds

And pull back

Jasmine's not ready yet, but I love this curl.

My azalea's run about two weeks behind all the others in the area.

Welcome back Hydrangea


  1. You seem to have a beautiful garden! Everything looks so fresh and new, I love that phase in the garden. And your camelias are just beautiful - mine always turn brown and nothing I do seems to help. Sigh.

  2. thanks, carola, i like peeking at yours, too! my trick with the camellias is to leave them alone.


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