Thursday, October 7, 2010

i spy: good big brother

So after Toots's big 1st day of preschool, and Captain Comic seemed to come home in a better mood from his school for the first time since September 7th, I made a small discovery as I took a breather in making dinner. These pics will not be great because I was in PI mode through windows.

What a good big brother he is becoming!  He lay on the ground and let her climb on his back. Unfortunately, I could only get a shot as she would climb off, digital camera delays.  I would love to know what games they were playing as they ranged all over the backyard.

But sometimes, as a parent, if you just let siblings do what they do together, and it makes them happy, it's best to let them have something that is just between them to enjoy.

These are the kind of moments I love best.  I don't have to interfere, as much as I may want to share their joy.

Of course, now I am going out to close the shed door that I believe has been sitting open through the rainy past couple of weeks!

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