Thursday, October 7, 2010

mum's the word

This morning, while Toots was in preschool, I had plans - grand plans - to edit my manuscript.  I did edit at my writing group on Tuesday, but I was not happy with my resistant progress.  So I was going to buck up and do it on Thursday, by gum.

I tried.  I fiddled.  I sought, I made a cup of tea, I wondered, I pondered, I did not have a stroke of editing brilliance. Then it occurred to me that I was so resistant because after already doing so much editing on this dang thing, I really do hate editing. 

I love writing.

I love those initial sparks, the strokes of inspiration, characterization, action, scene, description, beauty, warts and all.

I love the scratching out and reframing sentences and paragraphs and chapters in the beginning, as the story is developing.  But once it is 'fully developed' I really resist going back in for the umpteenth time and stroking it into a better form. 

And I know it needs a better form.  I've been tweaking it for ages.  I have a printed manuscript covered in my scribbles that all I have to do now is type those scribbles into place. 

But it was not happening today, no matter how much I tried. 

So I said, I need to get organic with it.  If I can't coax myself or it into functional work today, I need to do something else creative before I feel like I have done nothing with these precious alone moments I have left. 

So I grabbed the camera and headed out to the yard.  The mums are beginning to bloom.  Why don't I share some of the seasonal wonders around me. So here you go.  I may hate editing, but I love the beauty and light of this season.

Ch-ch-changes! Turn to face the strange changes.  I love David Bowie.

This one's for the birds.

I fell in love with the sunlight coming through the birch bark.

It was a lovely handful of minutes I had outside just enjoying the warmth of the sunshine, the past couple of days have been very dank and chill. The way the midday autumn sun makes for great contrasts in light and shadow, and colors pop.


How is your creative process going at the moment?

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