Monday, October 25, 2010

ransom note

Below is the content of an email I sent to Captain Comic's teacher during particularly dramatic homework avoidance:

Apparently he's willing to go to great lengths to avoid doing his homework. Currently, there is a missing ransom note to pay a mystery person $1000, no more, no less, that he received on fri, but threw out and forgot about until it was time to do his chapter 6 WYAR.

Now he wants to call in the SWAT team or the National Guard, or I'm going to die tomorrow, because we don't have even 20 bucks, let alone $1000.

Gee, I thought I'd be worth a bit more than that to him.

And that about sums up what it has been like to do homework with him of late.  It included quite realistic and dramatic emotional expressions to go along with the concept that his mother was to be killed tomorrow.  He agonized about my death.  He wailed, he sobbed, he put on an excellent show.

I knew the theme of my prior post would not last long.

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