Thursday, October 14, 2010

one of those days

1. I am not sleeping well this week.

2. Captain Comic is amping up re: school issues, again.

3.  The new middle school is resisting the supports he has always had in place and deny that he is having any troubles when I confront them about it. Yet, I always have to communicate with teachers re: issues that do come up on a regular basis.

4.  I shot off an email re: these issues again this morning. 

5.  The computer crashed sometime while I was out of the house this morning.

6. Checking my webmail at Honey's desk is awkward both because of the program, and his seat and desk stuff for my bad back issues.  I likely have some emails sitting in my harddrive now that I won't see until Honey can fix the computer tonight. 

7.  Toots didn't want to eat breakfast this morning and was a bit of a fusspot on the way to preschool today.

8.  So I made biscuits.  And there are still plenty of snickerdoodles I made from the other day.

9. Laundry

10.  Time to go pick up Toots. In the rain.

Calgon, take me away!

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