Friday, October 29, 2010

of pumpkins, ghoulies, and sundry

I've had a bit of a busy week between IEP prep and meetings, tutoring, pumpkin patch preschool field trip and Halloween approaching.  I also still had this lingering cold from last week, so tried to take it as easy as possible to take care of myself. But mostly I dealt with a good five hours an afternoon and night trying to help Captain Comic with seeing his homework through all subjects, and finally the past two afternoons and eves, that seemed mostly a success without as must angst involved.  It's been tough, but I'm not complaining.  I consider it a success that he seems to be finally acclimating to middle school, and getting the accommodations in place at school that will ensure his success as a student.

Then yesterday, two solid hours were spent in a conference room nitpicking and better defining measurability of goals and how best to meet his needs in school and beyond as we rewrote his current IEP as a team.  I am hoping we came away from it on the same page.  It seemed so.

Toots led her preschool's Halloween parade while I was at the meeting. Isn't it cute that my widdo witch had a black cat in her class? Grandma joined the festivities and got a few pics before the camera batteries died.  The rechargeables are really on their last legs.  I had charged all of them overnight and half the day before she took it to preschool.  Like I said in the title, sundry detail.  But she managed to get a few cute shots before it died.

I did, too, the day before at the pumpkin patch field trip, sadly well before the tractor hayride, maze and pumpkining.  but here's a shot from the puppet show.  The kids were fascinated while the puppet animals discussed farm life. 

This weekend has a packed agenda of activities I could particpate in, but I think I need to take it easy and hang with my family most of all.  I need to rest up before the excitement of trick or treating on Sunday.  I'm still like a kid about it - very excited.  It's Captain Comic's last legal go around the neighborhood for a haul, and he's definitely going to make the most of it this last year.  That's right, there's actually a law here that you can't trick or treat past age 12.  Mr. Cynic wants to go to the church youth group's party, and I'd like to, too, especially since I am one of their 'teachers', but I think sticking with the younger kids is way more important this year.  This is essentially Toot's first really aware Halloween and Captain Comic's last.  I'm wistful for him and want to be there for him.

Honey and I have been really good.  I bought the candy over a week ago and we only opened the bag two nights ago.  But every night since the purchase, after the kids have gone to bed, this has been our conversation:

Honey:  I want a Kitkat.
Me: I do, too, but if we open it now, there won't be any left to pass out.
Honey:  Get me a Kitkat.
Me: No.  Think of all the working out, and trying to be healthier...
Honey: Where did you hide them?
Me: I'm not telling.
Honey: C'mon, Get me a Reese's, then.
Me: No!
Honey: Aw man...

Two nights ago:

Honey: I want a Kitkat.
Me: So do I.
Honey: You can't have one.
Me: Please?  You know you want one.
Honey: Where did you hide them?
Me: In the cabinet down there. (points toward general location from the sofa.)
Honey: Well, go get 'em.
Me: No, you. I'm not opening the bag.
Honey: Oh, Okay.  (gets up shuffles to kitchen, opens cabinet, sound of plastic bag rummage, tosses a Kitkit at me)  But you only get one.

I love Halloween.

Welcome Spirits!

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