Friday, June 18, 2010

Who are these Mutant Spawn?

Summer, Day One:

Mr. Cynic has made lunches for everyone, stripped the cushion covers from the livingroom sofa, spot sprayed them, vacuumed his brother's room, vacuumed behind the stripped sofa and the stray dog hairs in the sofa, and is ready for more, without arguing about any of it.

Captain Comic has loaded some dishes into the dishwasher, is unloading the dishwasher, watered the gardens, helped me strip the base cover for the sofa frame, and has cleaned the unnatural disaster area which is his bedroom, including the shelves under his bed. And he hasn't thrown a tantrum or argued over any of it.  Of course, in watering the gardens, he mostly watered his sister.

Where has my Mayhem gone?  I want these clone mutants banished, and my real sons returned....Oh wait a minute, let me rethink this.


  1. Oh that's hilarious!

    And yes, they are your children. This is one of those days that they prove to you that they have absorbed some of the genius that is your parenting. Kind of like a pop quiz, they were regurgitate this wisdom at a moment's notice, then immediately forget about it. :-P

  2. while i was out this morning, my son emptied the dishwasher, walked the dog, started a load of laundry, baked brownies and ... wait for it .... was nice to the sister he was babysitting ..... everything on his list ..... so they really DO grow up, huh?

  3. thanks, brittany! and no, i don't expect this to last. sigh.

    thanks, e! yours, however is just brilliant because you are happiness incarnate!

  4. sounds like you have them, um, trained. :-) my girls have not gotten out of their pj's today as we've all been on a post-vacay veg today. i always needs a vacation from my vacation!

  5. thanks, kelly! sounds like an ideal day to me. and i feel the same way - vaca from the vaca...

  6. i was duped. they were my kids all along, doing things nicely in front of me whilst hiding what they didn't do from me and smiling and nodding sweetly.


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